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Running is in the air…my top tips for running faster and injury free

We’ve had a flurry of runners in over the last month or so. Not surprising with New Year and the competitive running calendar starting in the spring. This year we’ve had a mix of the already injured but also those getting into running who don’t want to get injured which has been less common in…

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New Strength and Balance class for 2024

It’s been a long time in the making but we are are really keen to get our Strength and Balance class up and running. This is our new class designed specifically at people that are having mobility, balance and strength issues. It will be geared towards the older population although this is not exclusive. It…

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Treating & Relieving Sciatica Pain at Home

Did you miss our Facebook Live video on Sciatica? We covered loads! Have a watch below to find out what you can do to improve your Sciatica today and learn how Physiotherapy can make a real difference to your pain and recovery. Check out our video in more detail here! What is Sciatica? Sciatica is…

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Want a little help from Santa??

Book Discounted packages now on offer at Plym Physio! Physiotherapy Package – £200 Plym Pilates Package – £150 Strength and Resilience Package – £180 Sports Massage – £160 Wondering what to get that loved one this year? Tired of spending money on presents that appear to never be used or put on a shelf? Starting…

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Back Friday!!

Got an ache or pain that’s been annoying you? If it’s about time you did something about it your timing is perfect for the next 2 weeks make the most of BACK FRIDAY! If you’re ok but you think someone else could benefit from our help maybe this is a good early Christmas present? We’re…

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***NEW Sports Massage***

  Sports massage is available at Plym Physio!! After a long hiatus with covid we are so pleased to welcome Jayne McIlveen to the team. We’ve been waiting to find the right fit for us and we’ve found it!   Jayne is a qualified Sports Therapist from Northern Ireland with years of experience working alongside…

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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is the third most common area of the body that people report having problems with – up to a quarter of the population can have shoulder pain during a period of time according to the statistics. That’s quite a lot really, especially given it is only the third most common complaint. Although you…

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Neil’s Blog – Building the new you

Just to sit alongside the live video on FB, I thought I would drop a few words in here. I talked a little about why some people find it hard to makes changes in their lives, or topically to stick to new years resolutions. Most people try to make sweeping changes because they are not…

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Locked down and locked up?

The first in our 2 part blog about health in lockdown…. For a lot of people lockdown has brought massive changes to their working lives. One of the most prevalent ones is the change from office to home working. You may or may not be getting occupational health support from work for this but there…

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New Year New You?

After what can only be described diplomatically as a ‘challenging’ year, Plym Physio has made it through and we head on into 2021. There have been some changes at the clinic with more to come. If you’ve missed it the ‘biggest’ is the recruitment of Neil Peacock to the team. More changes are planned but…

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