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Locked down and locked up?

The first in our 2 part blog about health in lockdown….
For a lot of people lockdown has brought massive changes to their working lives. One of the most prevalent ones is the change from office to home working. You may or may not be getting occupational health support from work for this but there are plenty of things you can do to ‘help yourself’!
The days of ‘correct posture’ are possibly gone but posture can still be relevant in health and wellbeing working from home and it isn’t all about sitting in a ‘proper’ chair. In fact, if there is one top tip I have, it is to change posture rather than remain in one ‘supported, good’ posture all day. Can you put a laptop up on a chest of drawers so you can spend time in standing? Once there you can practice balancing on 1 leg to type or take a call. Have you got a gym ball? Could you spend short periods sitting on one to work? Again, could you balance on 1 leg whilst you do it? Are you able to move whilst you are working – either to take a break or if not move your body whilst in sitting or standing?
Here are a few great quick exercises to help the body from locking up in lockdown!!

As ever, if you’re struggling with aches and pains get in touch. You don’t need a doctors referral to see us and you can be seen face to face or virtually whichever is most appropriate for you.

Neil will be hosting the second part on general activity/sport


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