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Tired of all the false starts, broken promises to yourself or just frustrated at picking up repeated small injuries when training.  Maybe you have just completed rehab and need a little help with the next phase of getting back into sport, or just work.  Sounds like you need to inject a bit of resilience into your life.  Aimed specifically at you, this class will focus on education at the same time as practising safe exercises.  Running over eight weeks you will learn about safe mobility whilst building strength and efficiency into your movements.

After the initial 8 weeks the course where you’ve built your confidence and strength the course is designed to allow us to progress you on so you can increase the amount of weight you lift, pull and push. Exercises get more complicated and as you get to know your body better we can work with you to tailor exercises for you.

Here’s a brief introduction from Neil about the class

And so you don’t need to be too scared of lifting weights here is an example of one of our patients in the class

Entry standard

Either a prior patient within 6 months of recovery or after assessment session



8 x weekly classes based on education, mobility and strength.

Week 1 ; Introduction to basic principles of loading and control. Breaking the body into loading zones. Intro to mobility and stability for the stable foundation onto which to load.

Week 2 ; Body awareness and basic loading with secure foundation/CLA (knowing the muscles you feel, posture and alignment)

Week 3 ; Vertical force management (going up and down)

Week 4 ; Anterior chain loading (front side of body)

Week 5 ; Posterior chain loading (back side of body)

Week 6 ; Transverse plane loading (controlling, creating and absorbing twisting forces)

Week 7 ; Lateral sling loading (creating and controlling asymmetrical forced through the body)

Week 8 ; Global force management (creating and withstanding multi-direction forces put on the body)



£128 for eight sessions without assessment

£160 for eight sessions with assessment (discounted assessment)


You can view course dates and times here. Click here to express an interest in the next available course and be added to the email waiting list or you can book in online.


Strength and Resilience assessment                   £65

Strength and Resilience class             

Block of 8 classes                                                               £120

Each class                                                                            £20

Strengthening & Resilience

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Have loved going to pilates classes at Plym Physio. Nic knows exactly what she’s talking about and gives lots of individual attention to make sure that you are doing the exercises in the right way. The problems I came with have been completely resolved and I can feel that I am much stronger, and therefore able to get on with life and looking after 3 young boys without needing to worry about back pain. Would highly recommend.


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