For physiotherapy by the highest rated Physios in Plymouth, come to Plym Physio

Here at Plym Physio the team excel at providing the best physiotherapy service in Plymouth. If you are in pain or struggling to do those day to day activities that used to be easier, we are here to help.

With the private care that we provide there is no delay in getting your treatment underway once you’ve made the decision to get help. Unlike NHS services, you don’t need a referral and you don’t need to wait, we can book your appointment when it suits you, potentially on the same day. You can book online or speak to us if you’d prefer.

What to expect? When you come in we will want to get a really thorough understanding of your problem so we can start making a problem list and potential diagnosis. We’ll then undertake a physical examination testing joints, muscles, tendons, nerves and movement patterns, identifying the activities that cause you pain. This helps us build a picture of what is going on, helping us tell a ‘story’ of what is happening. Working together we then build a rehabilitation programme to address the issues we’ve identified and to achieve the objectives you’ve set.

We have plenty of tools available to help ease pain and aid the rehabilitation process. We value the ‘hands on approach’ at Plym Physio such as mobilisations, soft tissue work and acupuncture, all of which can be valuable tools in alleviating pain and improving mobility. Once the pain is reducing, the emphasis may well shift to an increasing exercise workload but additional support like ‘taping’ is helpful too. Once you are moving better we have our gym space available for advancing you further with weights and equipment training. We have a timetable of classes including our ‘Plym Pilates’ and ‘Strength & Resilience’ sessions to further advance you on or to maintain the level you have achieved.

Physiotherapy promotes recovery from injury but now physiotherapy is increasingly used in injury prevention, movement efficiency and general wellbeing as physiotherapists are the ‘movement experts’.

We want people to feel and move better and we have a lot of tools at our disposal to ensure this including;

  • Acupuncture – There is increasing evidence for its effectiveness in treating lots of musculo-skeletal problems including arthritis, back pain and sciatica. All our therapists (and the clinic) are locally and nationally registered.
  • Exercise therapy – Probably the most evidence-based tool we have. From minor postural corrections to muscle patterning re-education, it all works so to ensure you get the true value and long term benefit from your treatment, we’ll encourage you to work hard under our direction HELPING YOU HELP YOURSELF.
  • Kinesio-taping – The use of taping is becoming a common part of practice with its beneficial role in pain relief as well as its effect on improving muscle and joint function as demonstrated by athletes and with its versatility it is becoming more and more popular with both therapists and clients.

Choosing Plym Physio for Physiotherapy in Plymouth

Plym Physio are based on the outskirts of Plymouth, in Plympton. For professional physiotherapy services that ‘help you help yourself’, Plym Physio should be the first choice for you if you’re looking for a Plymouth physiotherapy practice. Our initial contacts with clients are hour long sessions. This allows us to take a full history, complete a thorough assessment, provide treatment to give your rehabilitation and recovery the kick start it needs, and provides you with a treatment planning sheet to take home with you.

From traditional physiotherapy to Pilates classes, acupuncture to movement analysis, the Plym Physio practice offers it all and is based just minutes from Plymouth City Centre with free parking outside the clinic.


Physio initial contact 1 hour £63

Physio treatment £39

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Sensitive, knowledgable and professional, would highly recommend.


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