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What is Movement Analysis?
Movement Analysis

What is Movement Analysis?

We all move, some of us less efficiently than others  and some of us  can experience pain as a result of those inefficiencies. Physiotherapists are the ‘movement experts’ so are ideally placed to analyse how a person moves and put together programmes designed to address these issues. This more preventative approach is a more modern way to look at treating musculoskeletal problems and can be applied across the spectrum from the young to the older patient as well as from the amateur athlete to the elites. If you think you would benefit from analysis of your movement patterns please contact us at the clinic.


Movement analysis assessment and programme development £70

What's the cost of Movement Analysis?

Movement Analysis is exactly what it says on the tin, an assessment of your movements by one of our experienced physiotherapists. The ultimate aim is to provide an understanding of movements and underlying musculoskeletal problems so that a preventive approach can be adopted moving forwards.

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Having avoided all forms of exercise class for many years, I’ve finally been converted and have found one that I like and which works for me!

Nic manages to make pilates classes enjoyable and fun with her friendly approach and varied, well structured sessions, tailored to suit each individual.

I now have far more flexibility and definition in muscles I never knew I had and, importantly for me, have finally learned how to relax! Highly recommended.


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