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It’s been a long time in the making but we have got our Balance and Strength class up and running. This is our new class designed specifically at people that are having mobility, balance and strength issues. It will be geared towards the older population although this is not exclusive.

It has been developed to address balance, mobility, strength and patterning deficits and redundancies. Over time, through injury or ageing processes, information processing and feedback can be reduced causing people to be, or feel, unsteady. These changes can be really slow but over time and we can lose confidence and then capability meaning we reduce what we do generally causing further deterioration and deconditioning.

The class will be overall very functional looking at everyday movements like to sit to stand, reaching, stepping, stair climbing and bending. We’ve broken down the movements and created exercises to address the specific components of these to build strength and capacity physically as well confidence psychologically. We’re using lots of explanation and education so the brain understands what we’re doing and why which we know helps us to access parts of the brain controlling movement…essentially so that exercise become more successful! The class will be progressive over successive weekly classes held here in the gym with equipment and weights. Yes, weights – if you can lift a kettle or a pan then you can lift some weights!!

As with all our classes we are relaxed and friendly and we are really keen for this class to be not only physically beneficial but psychologically helpful too. We aim to build confidence if a supportive environment and make some friends too. We’re friendly with the cafe a couple of doors down so those wanting to continue socialising after the class are welcome there – we’re negotiating a discount for you as we type!

The class is approximately 45-50 mins and runs weekly for 6 weeks. If you’d like to join you’ll need to have an assessment so we know your current capability and goals you’d like to achieve. If you’re an existing patient we may just need to give you a quick ‘once over’ so we know where you’re at. If you’re not sure then please give us a ring on 656340 and one of the physios can speak to you about it or drop us an email with any queries to You can also book in for the class or for your assessment by calling the clinic. We’ll be putting live booking up shortly!

You can view our class timetable and course dates here.



Balance and Strength assessment  £67

Balance and Strength course  £90

See the timetable page for start dates for each class.

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Really good advice, carefully tailored to my particular requirements meant that I was able to recover from nagging injury that I had almost given up hope of ever getting over. Thanks Nic!


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