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Neck pain is commonly described as one of the most debilitating pains with people describing it as – “it took me to my knees”, “it made me cry”, or “the pain is fifteen out of ten”…… So what causes it?


What is Neck Pain?

What is Neck Pain?

The neck has a complex job; it has to safely support the head (brain) whilst providing enough mobility for sensors such as the eyes and ears to be used effectively. Because of this need for mobility and the need to feed the brain with oxygen-rich blood, there are many intricate and delicate structures in the neck. The head is reasonably heavy, so balancing it atop the bony structure of the spine is a lot more efficient than trying to support it in another way, potentially creating a tug-of-war between the muscles (tension).

Who Suffers from Neck Pain?
Common Problem

Who Suffers from Neck Pain?

Neck pain is one of the most common problems in the Physiotherapy clinic. At any given time, 10-20% of the population will have some; it is more common in women in the 35-49 yr old age group and affects more people in the clerical and service industries. So watch out all you female hairdressers and administrators out there!

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Neck Pain Causes
Causes & Symptoms

Neck Pain Causes

Modern life forces us into postures that we are not necessarily evolved for; sitting at a desk, tied to a screen, or driving all day are all easy examples of this. These postures tend to result in a forward head position, leading to muscle imbalance and tension. Although accidental knocks or whiplash-type injuries can also cause pain, these are unusual in that usually, at the point of accident, there is very little or no pain, so when pain arrives up to a week later, it is often not associated with the accident.

Another type of neck pain often reported is the “I must have slept funny as I just woke up in pain”. This commonly highlights historic issues often related to postural tension rather than actual sleep-related injuries. With posture in mind, the neck is at the top of the spine, so other spinal problems can exacerbate neck pain; it is therefore not unusual to suffer from lower back pain and neck pain simultaneously. There are other common problems resulting in pain, such as arthritis and ‘trapped nerves’. It is also common for neck problems to ‘refer’ pain away from the neck because of the network of nerves in the area, and it can trigger headaches, and shoulder and arm pain.

Exercises & Relief

Home Exercises for Neck Pain

So what do you need to do? Move it. If it is too sore to turn your head, you can get on a spinning office chair, keep looking ahead and spin the chair (carefully to start with). You can support it with a towel as you move your head. If it needs more support from your muscles – the classic statement is that your head feels too heavy, then you can start training the muscles by propping on your elbows, open out the back of your neck, bring the back of your head up in line with the back of your body and hold it there for 3×10 secs.

We’ve put the exercises into a couple of videos for you to try if you want. If you’re struggling and need some help feel free to call us on 656340 or book in online here.


So the good news is that neck pain is easily treatable and often, a considerable reduction in pain is possible even in the first session. A tailored exercise and treatment plan, along with some lifestyle changes usually results in complete recovery.



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