We are a Plymouth physiotherapy clinic whose aim is to help people move well and, with the  easing of pain this brings, to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Traditionally physiotherapy was used as a response to injury or illness. Plym Physio is so much more.

We offer a bespoke, personalised service for our clients and work with them to understand their needs and to support them in their recovery.

It may be acute back pain that has  persisted for a couple of days, a dodgy back when gardening, sciatica on and off for years or a grumbly achilles when running. Through all the phases of treatment offered at Plym Physio we can help: from recovery and rehab in our brand new specially equipped treatment rooms to ‘prehab’ and health maintenance using our movement analysis assessments and ‘Plym Pilates’ classes in our purpose built gym facility.

Team Plym Physio are very proud of our brand new clinic at Seymour Road, Plympton, Plymouth where we have spacious, modern physiotherapy treatment rooms together with the brand new state of the art studio where we hold ‘Plym Pilates’ and  ‘Physi-go’ classes to make this a unique facility for Physiotherapy in Plymouth, Plympton and the surrounding areas.

Why us?
Physi-go run

A running 'club' with a difference, addressing key issues affecting runners based on research and evidence.

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Physi-go mum

A specialist exercise class to address the physical needs of mums

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what do our clients say?

I drove the two hour (round trip) with an incredibly uncomfortable lower back(!!) to specifically see Nic Rutherford.
Nic treated me about 15 years ago and was spot on with her diagnosis of a bulging disc in my lower back and a treatment plan for recovery. I was on the mend in record time after months of having seen many other so called ‘specialists.’
Regardless to say, I didn’t hesitate to see her this time round. After one session with Nic, following her assessment and advise, things improved immediately.
Highly recommended and thank you Plym Physio.


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