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Physi-go mum MOTivating at NCT classes

Plym Physio is trying to spread the word about Physi-go mum. We have hooked up with NCT and are attending the Bumps and Babies sessions that the NCT are running in the locality. Nic is taking her bag of tricks to the sessions and offering Physio advice to mums with bumps or babies. We’re really…

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Mummy MOTivator!

Have you struggled with pelvic or back pain during pregnancy? Are you worried you have weakened and wont cope physically at the end of pregnancy or post-natally?? Too many women struggle unnecessarily our experts at Plym Physio can help. We have some top tip exercises from our blog back in January which can help you…

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Mums…..don’t let pain get in the way!

It’s not unreasonable to expect to enjoy being pregnant, yet many women aren’t able to do so due to pain and discomfort. A lot are told ‘it’ll go as soon as the baby is born’ and they then just struggle along for the next 4-5 months in agony. Back and pelvic pain as well as…

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Pilates and Physi-go Run/Mum New Class Dates March 2018

Our Pilates and Physi-go Run and Physi-go Mum Courses start again in March so if you couldn’t get a space last time, contact us ASAP for a place! *We do advise that if you are suffering from an injury or chronic condition, to book an assessment with the physiotherapist prior to starting the class. Plym…

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Physi-go Run/Mum and Plym Pilates Class Dates for January 2018

After the Christmas holidays are over, our classes will be ready and waiting for you to get 2018 off to a great start! Plym Pilates – Intermediates – Monday 6.30pm – starts again on Monday 8th January  Power Pilates – Advanced – Monday 7.30pm – starts again on Monday 8th January  Plym Pilates – Beginners – Wednesday 5.55pm…

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Physi-go Mum’s 7 Top Physiotherapy Exercises

Our Physi-go mum class caters for the needs of pre- and post-natal women by teaching safe Pilates-style exercises that will help them keep strong and flexible. But why is it important? Read on for more information as well as 7 of our favourite physio exercises suitable for mums and mums-to-be. Physical Changes Pre- and Post-Natal There can be…

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Marathons and Motherhood…

As some of our readers may know I became a Mum a year ago and have been whinging about it ever since! I did not know how long it actually took to recover.  I mean, I had been told it does and it was advice I often gave… ‘give yourself time’, ‘having a baby is a major…

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OMG it’s almost been a year!

It’s been a little while since my last post on the the Physi-go mum blog… Where has the time gone?? It seemed quite timely to update now as my little one is rapidly approaching the 1 year mark and I’m thinking of birthday parties and presents. Is it for them or for us I wonder??   So…

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Give the gift of continence this Mother’s Day… :)

Pregnancy and child-birth related incontinence…  yes… we said it… out loud… Its such a common issue, and yet women are so embarrassed about it that we rarely even talk about it to each other. But, did you know that it can be prevented or even treated?? Growing a human is not an easy task, our body has…

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Physi-go mum is back!

What is Physi-go mum? It’s a class unlike any other, designed by a fully qualified Physiotherapist, but not just any physio…  a physio who is also a fully qualified Mum; who understands in intricate detail how your body is changing; how your mind and physical being develop in order to create a new life.  That’s no easy task!! But…

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