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Hip pain…is it arthritis??

Reading between the lines with a few of these patients there seems to be a bit of ‘catastrophising’… they start talking about the need for a hip replacement within a few minutes of an assessment. Hold your horses!! Not every hip pain is osteoarthritis (OA) and by no means does every hip need a replacement….

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Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains are really quite common and can really vary in severity. They are reported to be the most common musculoskeletal injury in the active population with the outside of the ankle being the most common side*. Because of this we thought we’d do a blog on them as we haven’t done anything in ages,…

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Treating & Relieving Sciatica Pain at Home

Did you miss our Facebook Live video on Sciatica? We covered loads! Have a watch below to find out what you can do to improve your Sciatica today and learn how Physiotherapy can make a real difference to your pain and recovery. Check out our video in more detail here! What is Sciatica? Sciatica is…

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Back Friday!!

Got an ache or pain that’s been annoying you? If it’s about time you did something about it your timing is perfect for the next 2 weeks make the most of BACK FRIDAY! If you’re ok but you think someone else could benefit from our help maybe this is a good early Christmas present? We’re…

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Who hasn’t had tennis elbow (rather than who has)?

There seems to be a tendency in the upper limbs to ignore pain for longer than the lower limbs, maybe this is because we can simply use the other arm but it would be inconvenient to hop everywhere. This time we move down from the shoulder to the elbow.  The incidence of elbow pain is…

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Creaky knees? Exercise helps

Almost everyone will suffer from some kind of knee pain in their life, it is a really worrisome pain as unlike many joints in the body, it is almost impossible to completely offload. This creates a feedback loop where the symptoms actually feel worse and the pain quickly becomes debilitating. The knee is a seemingly…

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It’s a pain in the neck…

Neck pain is one of the most common problems we see in the Physiotherapy clinic. At any given time 10-20% of the population will have some, it is more common in women, more prevalent in the 35-49 yr old age group and affects more people in the clerical and service industries. Watch out all you…

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Locked down and locked up?

The first in our 2 part blog about health in lockdown…. For a lot of people lockdown has brought massive changes to their working lives. One of the most prevalent ones is the change from office to home working. You may or may not be getting occupational health support from work for this but there…

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