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Wear and tear on joints, to exercise or not?

We get a steady stream of patients here at Plym Physio with wear and tear joints, degenerative joints or osteoarthristis. These are all ways to explain the same thing- a joint which has degeneration as a result of ageing and lifestyle and is now considered ‘normal’ in the medical world. We intervene when symptoms from…

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Plym Physio ‘backing’ back care awareness week

October 7th – 11th is Back Care Awareness week and the focus this year is back pain in golf. Nic has put together a couple of exercises to get you thinking about your golf action and possibly help improve your technique. When she talks about it the links with Plym Pilates are quite apparent. Movement…

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Physi-go mum MOTivating at NCT classes

Plym Physio is trying to spread the word about Physi-go mum. We have hooked up with NCT and are attending the Bumps and Babies sessions that the NCT are running in the locality. Nic is taking her bag of tricks to the sessions and offering Physio advice to mums with bumps or babies. We’re really…

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Ready to run??

I’m now 6+ weeks post fracture and I’m thinking I could be ready to run. I’m pretty consistently testing it out with different stresses when I’m treating patients so I think I’m ready to have a little go. My test for this is hopping. It’s a quick test I use with my runners to see…

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Thinking ahead to running

I’m approaching 6 weeks post-fracture now and the foot is pretty good. I’m back to dog walking in the mornings across some lumpy bumpy fields. Progressive loading within pain limits is certainly working as I’m doing a lot for very little or no pain. Fitness is still pretty limited as a few sessions on the…

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Progress or play??

I’m at 5 weeks now and it’s progressing nicely. I’m back dog walking – perhaps not such a big deal except it involves lumpy bumpy fields so can be a bit uncomfortable. I’ve started playing around a bit! Mostly because I’m demonstrating exercises and challenges for my patients and thinking of ways to challenge them…

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Practising what we preach

As promised, for those who are interested and with time on their hands, the next instalment of ‘foot-gate’! The sexy shoe has been side-lined and replaced by a normal trainer as the pain is much better and I can walk normally without it.. My foot looks pretty much like a normal foot and it’s definitely…

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A ‘break’ in training….

If you haven’t already heard I have broken my foot. To be precise a comminuted fracture of my 5th metatarsal. The cumberland centre were great as was fracture clinic. It’s a stable fracture that needs no intervention and should heal all by itself and I can move around as pain allows. This is perhaps a…

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Our new beginners Pilates class starts next week!! Tuesday 2nd July @ 6pm.  We are offering a massive saving of £55 in the form of a FREE Assessment. You need to have an assessment before you start a class is so Nic can see if you have any difficulties that she needs to keep an…

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Mummy MOTivator!

Have you struggled with pelvic or back pain during pregnancy? Are you worried you have weakened and wont cope physically at the end of pregnancy or post-natally?? Too many women struggle unnecessarily our experts at Plym Physio can help. We have some top tip exercises from our blog back in January which can help you…

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