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Running is in the air…my top tips for running faster and injury free

We’ve had a flurry of runners in over the last month or so. Not surprising with New Year and the competitive running calendar starting in the spring. This year we’ve had a mix of the already injured but also those getting into running who don’t want to get injured which has been less common in…

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Treating & Relieving Sciatica Pain at Home

Did you miss our Facebook Live video on Sciatica? We covered loads! Have a watch below to find out what you can do to improve your Sciatica today and learn how Physiotherapy can make a real difference to your pain and recovery. Check out our video in more detail here! What is Sciatica? Sciatica is…

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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is the third most common area of the body that people report having problems with – up to a quarter of the population can have shoulder pain during a period of time according to the statistics. That’s quite a lot really, especially given it is only the third most common complaint. Although you…

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Wear and tear on joints, to exercise or not?

We get a steady stream of patients here at Plym Physio with wear and tear joints, degenerative joints or osteoarthristis. These are all ways to explain the same thing- a joint which has degeneration as a result of ageing and lifestyle and is now considered ‘normal’ in the medical world. We intervene when symptoms from…

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Progress or play??

I’m at 5 weeks now and it’s progressing nicely. I’m back dog walking – perhaps not such a big deal except it involves lumpy bumpy fields so can be a bit uncomfortable. I’ve started playing around a bit! Mostly because I’m demonstrating exercises and challenges for my patients and thinking of ways to challenge them…

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