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Physi-go Mum’s 7 Top Physiotherapy Exercises

Our Physi-go mum class caters for the needs of pre- and post-natal women by teaching safe Pilates-style exercises that will help them keep strong and flexible. But why is it important? Read on for more information as well as 7 of our favourite physio exercises suitable for mums and mums-to-be.

Physical Changes Pre- and Post-Natal
There can be a few common physical issues seen in both expectant and post-birth mums. The obvious thing is the change to our tummy muscles (abdominals). Some ladies even have a separation in the top layer, although it generally isn’t painful, it can affect how much support these muscles provide for your back. The other ‘biggy’ is our pelvic floor muscles. Whether you have given birth vaginally or not, the pressure on these muscles during pregnancy can make them weaker and more sensitive to pressure post birth.

It’s amazing how weak and stiff we get as our bodies change through pregnancy and after childbirth. These issues don’t always just resolve themselves with time and we often need to train them to get them fitter.

Addressing The Issues
We have compiled 7 of our mums favourite exercises to help you address a bit of everything; posture, leg strength, abdominal activity, pelvic floor recruitment and spine mobility. There are videos to show you how to perform these exercises correctly, and if you would like to learn more, our Physi-go mum class runs every Friday morning at 10.30am. It is a unique, Pilates-style class suitable for pre- and post-natal women. You can even bring your new babies with you up until they are able to move about.

If you have any concerns, please do not attempt these exercises without consulting our physio or your GP.

1 Ballooning
No, we are not referring to your beautifully enlarging or deflating baby bump! The process of ‘ballooning’ tends to lengthen the body and spine and draws in the abdominals and pelvic floor. Posture tends to improve the more you practice this technique (have a look in a mirror while you do this and have a feel of your tummy) so 3 benefits for the price of 1 exercise!

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2 Greyhound

This comes care of JEMS. A great exercise to start feeling that nice alignment through the body. This one is great for relaxing and letting go of certain muscles that can get over-used and tired whilst giving the spine a stretch.

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3 Ball/Abdo Press
Really easy and safe to gently start switching on the abdominals. And if you take your attention lower down the body we should feel our thigh, bottom and pelvic floor muscles switching on. This one can be done anywhere – table, desk, back of the sofa or chair, even behind the steering wheel (when you are stopped). As Bridget Jones’ mum once said, ‘a good allrounder’.

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4 Squat
Most peoples nemesis and most hated exercise but possibly one of the most valuable. Leg strength (and pattern of movement) is so important for supporting the rest of the body and getting the legs to do more. It takes the pressure off other structures – mostly your back. Interestingly there are a lot of links between back pain and poor squat technique.

Get squatting ladies!

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5 Thigh Slides/Total Body Rotation
No matter how much you think you’re moving, it’s amazing how much we stiffen up during pregnancy. Probably because what we do pre-natally (with work and change in exercise routine) and post-natally (feeding, stooping, holding) is very repetitive. The thoracic area can quickly become uncomfortably stiff. This can really help to loosed and again we’ve picked it to enable you to do it wherever you are.

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6 Wall Press
Another ‘Allrounder’. Done properly you should feel a bit of everything. Done incorrectly you may not feel anything. Get it right and this exercise helps whole body strength and you can really apply this to pushchair pushing so perhaps we should rename this the ‘Pushchair Push’!

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7 Dead Lift
Last but by no means least. Difficult to get right, usually because people are weak with these muscles but this is great for getting our posture correct for stooping, bending and letting. You really need to be strong enough in the muscles does the back of your body to support your own body weight when you bend (which will be a lot!) but also the weight of what you’re lifting i.e. baby, washing etc.

Our tag line of ‘Get Strong and Go On and On does apply here!

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If you are pregnant or have recently given birth and would like to join our Physi-go mum class to learn how to do these exercises safely and effectively, as well as many more, call us on 656340 or email

Physi-go mum runs on Friday mornings at 10.30am at our Physiotherapy clinic in Plympton.

Physi-go mum…. helping you get yourself back!


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