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Physi-go mum MOTivating at NCT classes

Plym Physio is trying to spread the word about Physi-go mum. We have hooked up with NCT and are attending the Bumps and Babies sessions that the NCT are running in the locality. Nic is taking her bag of tricks to the sessions and offering Physio advice to mums with bumps or babies. We’re really keen to impress upon Mums that exercise is key to maintaining health during pregnancy and coping with the stresses and strains post-natally. We are encouraged to keep active during this time but some of struggle with pain but often this can be reduced or resolved by addressing the muscular system.

Our Physi-go mum class is that – a targeted class to get the bits strong that need to be, loosen the bits that get tight and control the bits that are supporting us. It’s not all about the pelvic floor (although it usually does needs attention). So if you are looking to help yourself stay in shape during pregnancy or have struggled with pelvic or back pain pre or post-natally this is the class for you. You start off finding the muscles that need to be working and progressively strengthen them. Along the way Nic will give you tips on how you can exercise when you’re at home, holding a baby, cleaning your teeth or doing any one of the hundred and 1 things on our daily to do lists and exercise is the last thing we want to be doing.

Off the back of the back of the NCT classes we are offering a free 1:1 assessment (Mummy MOTivator) and 20% off your first month when you quote #NCT19

Nic recorded this video for our FB page with some great exercises for you to try and whet your appetite.









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