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Physi-go mum is back!

What is Physi-go mum?

It’s a class unlike any other, designed by a fully qualified Physiotherapist, but not just any physio…  a physio who is also a fully qualified Mum; who understands in intricate detail how your body is changing; how your mind and physical being develop in order to create a new life.  That’s no easy task!! But with the pressures of modern life, the added stresses and strains, sometimes you just need a helping hand to get yourself back.

physigomum is backThat’s what Physi-go mum is designed for, this specialist Pilates-style class, developed to address the specific physical needs of pre- and post-natal mums. With the changes the body goes through during pregnancy and childbirth, Physi-go mum takes a very specific biomechanical approach to regaining control, movement and strength in a safe and progressive environment.

Is it for me?
Physi-go mum is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) class, no childcare is needed!  Suitable for pre-natal women at any stage of pregnancy, through to post-natal, up until your baby is on the move.

And, to ensure your mind is as well cared for as your body will feel, a cuppa and a natter is included after!

The next course will begin on Friday 24th March at 10.30am and runs weekly for 8 weeks, each session building upon what you learn the week before.

Spaces are limited, please contact us to book your place



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