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Mums…..don’t let pain get in the way!

It’s not unreasonable to expect to enjoy being pregnant, yet many women aren’t able to do so due to pain and discomfort.

A lot are told ‘it’ll go as soon as the baby is born’ and they then just struggle along for the next 4-5 months in agony.

Back and pelvic pain as well as sciatica are common pre and post-natal issues, along with fatigue, tiredness and upper back stiffness. All are associated with pregnancy and caring for a newborn.
A lot of this is related to muscle stability, strength and control. ‘Strength’ is too general a term and in particular, most exercises for the pelvic floor don’t target developing your strength in one of the most fundamental ways…it should work!
Pelvic floor conditioning supports your back by working at a low level for long periods ie endurance vs short strong, short holds (think marathon vs 100m sprint)

So if you are getting:

back pain
pelvic pain
pelvic floor weakness/incontinence
sciatica…….then the pelvic floor, along with other muscles like the abdominals and gluteals are vital in providing support to the pregnant spine.

Although the presence of hormones (like relaxin) will have some effect on our anatomy (it makes our connective tissue slightly more stretchy) we are still hugely reliant on our muscles to support us and baby (be it inside or out/attached to us) which means thankfully you can do something about it. So by more specifically targeting certain muscles in the right way you can resolve these issues.

So here is exercise 1 the abdominal press.

Exercise 2, single leg stand with arms up. Watch the video, have a go and see how you get on.

Finally, exercise 3

Send any questions or comments to us on our FB page as we’ll be answering questions on Thursday for those that want to ask anything.

We have helped lots of ladies here at the clinic, so don’t suffer or just wait until baby is born, get ready for it, prepare and enjoy it without the distraction of pain.

So if you want some help to help yourself come and see the experts at Plym Physio. We offer a range of services for mums;

  • Physio-go mum : 1 hour assessment with tailored exercise programme provided – £65
  • 1:1 exercise rehab sessions which includes an assessment and treatment of your issues – £65 for first hour session then £37/30min session thereafter
  • Mummy MOT pilates style rehab classes which includes a ‘FREE Mummy MOT’ and weekly one hour rehab sessions – £48/month (4 x1 hour sessions)

Message us here using the phrase “HELP MUMMY!” and we will send you a link to book an appointment.

Enjoy your pregnancy and baby without the distraction of pain!


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