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OMG it’s almost been a year!

It’s been a little while since my last post on the the Physi-go mum blog… Where has the time gone?? It seemed quite timely to update now as my little one is rapidly approaching the 1 year mark and I’m thinking of birthday parties and presents. Is it for them or for us I wonder??  

So at this point I’m back into work and, despite the best of intentions about running and exercising, time is the most precious of commodities at the moment.

I am surprised and scared by the persistent weakness I can feel. I can do a sit up, a roll back and a plank (properly too if any of my class members and patients are reading!!) and run 5 miles…

…without any wee coming out.
(I feel this is an accomplishment.  I did do some exercise and this is an important one – pelvic floor ladies, pelvic floor).

It all sounds good, yet I know I duck out of completing the full set of squats and lunges in the Physi-go run class – on the pretext of coaching the class members obviously. The thought of running a half marathon, which I’ve now committed to fills me a bit with dread.

So I’m doing bits everyday, a few abdominal presses, gym ball balances, roll backs and squats. Given that I know what I’m doing and what I need to achieve I wonder how everyone else copes.  And, that is what these classes are for, because not everyone does know.  They don’t know that many types of incontinence can be treatable even if they didn’t do their exercises immediately after birth.  Many don’t know that they don’t have to just live with painful joints, stiffness, achiness etc brought on by pregnancy or childbirth. And equally, they also don’t know that just because they didn’t snap right back to ‘pre-baby body‘ doesn’t mean they can’t get there at all.

My message, I guess, is life goes on and that something is better than nothing, but the effects of pregnancy and childbirth can last for quite a while post-natally. Help your body by doing some leg strength work, some postural awareness abdominal work (carefully if you have a divarification/rectus abdominus diastasis/tummy muscle separation) and strength work for the muscles on the back side of the body.

If you have the opportunity to do something, and obviously I’d advocate Physi-go mum as it’s designed for precisely this, please do. I designed this class myself to help other mums and mum-to-be.  And now that I am there myself I am even more glad I did because I know first hand how difficult and challenging it is, physically and mentally. And that is what Physi-go mum is for…

Helping you get yourself back… in every way.


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