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Physiotherapy Package – £200

Plym Pilates Package – £150

Strength and Resilience Package – £180

Sports Massage – £160

Wondering what to get that loved one this year? Tired of spending money on presents that appear to never be used or put on a shelf? Starting to get annoyed by your partner complaining about their back but never actually doing anything about it?

We can help! Both Nic and Neil were discussing fa ew patients that have come through the door recently because a family member has booked them in or nagged them so much to get on and sort out their aches and pains they thought they would make the prospect more attractive in these ever more difficult times.

Waiting lists are long at best, closed at worst so accessing free treatment may become harder for everyone. Plym Physio has put some packages together for popular treatments so immediate private treatment is more attractive.

Physiotherapy package – an hour long assessment (which includes treatment) and four treatment sessions. This is a good start point and can get many well on their way to recovery. This will cost £200 instead of £221 (based on our current fees which will be going up in January).

Plym Pilates package – This class has just been restructured and there is a strong focus on body awareness as you improve mobility, muscle recruitment and patterning in a progressive way. It is not only great for those that have persistent pain and maybe struggle to engage in exercise but also those that keep picking up niggles without ever really knowing why. Now you can find out! The package gets you an assessment and a block of 8 classes for £150 instead of £161. Next beginners block starts Wednesday 11th January.

Strengthening and Resilience package – If you constantly find yourself picking up small injuries and strains at work or when training for your hobbies or wish you were a little stronger or a little more life proof.  Then the SAR class could be for you. Treat yourself to a Strength and Resilience course where you will learn safe strengthening techniques in a physio led environment as well as improving your overall fitness. The concept is to teach you to confidently train in a gym or at home afterwards. It is not bootcamp or crossfit and you will only work as hard as you want too. The package gets you an assessment and 8 classes for £180 instead of £225. Next block of SAR classes start Tuesday 10th January.

Sports Massage – Our qualified Sports Massage Therapist Jayne has just joined the team and woking wonders with our clients that need specific, guided and expert soft tissue work. Because we have a team approach to treatment at our clinic therapists can easily discuss patients and if we think they need some different input we can get it for them! We are offering a package that gets most acute injuries better and gets to grips with most longer standing problems with 6 sessions for £160.

You can book any of these packages online and will need to book your initial assessment at the same time. You can always call Lily on 656340 to book or get more info.

Please note our fees will be going up for the first time in several years from January and these package prices are based on 2022 prices.


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