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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is the third most common area of the body that people report having problems with – up to a quarter of the population can have shoulder pain during a period of time according to the statistics. That’s quite a lot really, especially given it is only the third most common complaint.

Although you may expect that physical workers like builders maybe more affected, hairdressers and retired people will often make up the greater proportion of people we treat here at the clinic with shoulder pain. It is very likely that people live with the pain for quite a while or even have recurrence of it before seeking help.

The shoulder is quite a complicated joint – lots of movement with you could argue a small joint and it relies on the muscles to control it. This usually means that most problems have links to what they are doing. Arthritis is less common than muscular or soft tissue problems so X-rays and investigations are not as helpful to us as you’d expect. Surgery and injections are also not always the answer either but they can have their place when things really aren’t getting better with physiotherapy. In essence looking at the muscles and soft tissues with a thorough examination and treating what we find is the gold standard with shoulders.

So if you’re experiencing problems – and have been for a while in all likelihood, then we can help. Get booked in and we can give you an expert opinion and what to do about it. We can’t promise it’ll be quick as shoulder rehabilitation is notoriously long but it should get better. We’ve attached a video with a couple of exercises for you to try if you are experiencing problems and want to have a go yourself first though!


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