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Neil’s Blog – Building the new you

Just to sit alongside the live video on FB, I thought I would drop a few words in here. I talked a little about why some people find it hard to makes changes in their lives, or topically to stick to new years resolutions.

Most people try to make sweeping changes because they are not happy with their current situation. They think that it has to be a big bold change as a small change wont make enough difference. The reality is that if you make a small change to your life or routine that does not create much disturbance, then it will be much easier to stick too and build upon. If then you slip up and miss a day, it is easy to just pick up where you left off and carry on. Once the small change has become part of daily life then it can be built on. This can be applied to anything in your life, I just use it as an example to increase exercise. I like to start people with lifestyle modifications first before introducing exercises as they are effectively free, they do not require any input of time. The first of these is shown on the FB video and is a simple modification of standing up, which we all do many times per day so we may as well make it work for us. I will be adding things both here (once I can work the video controls) and on the Facebook page.


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