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We are all becoming aware of the increasing importance of ‘wellness’ and this seems to be more so in recent times with the pressures and restrictions of the covid pandemic. In terms of the body and wellness we can think about the two major systems, brain and body. These two systems are inextricably linked with direct and sometimes immediate effects of one on the other. Obvious examples are stress in terms of the ‘flight or fight’ response with adrenalin. There are more subtle effects such as gradual psychological stress and getting tense in the shoulders and neck causing pain, headaches or migraines.

We know that many of our movement patterns are automated and subconscious and these patterns are kept in certain areas of the brain that we ‘go to’ when we are stressed. Now if these patterns have been developed over time to accommodate pain, stiffness or weakness these may not be our best option for moving efficiently. Working on our ‘bodies’ can help relax us and tap into the systems that promote the release of ‘feel good’ chemicals and hormones that help reverse the effects of stress. Thus each system can have a beneficial effec on the other. We like to think of them working in harmony!

Physiotherapy and exercise based activities like our Plym Pilates classes address these movement issues and try to give you alternative options and these get learnt with repetition to allow to move more freely.

IF you’ve had aches and pains that you think need addressing then get in touch to arrange an assessment with one of the team or if Pilates feels a good fit for you then do get in touch. Our next beginners course starts Thursday 1st July @ 6pm. Call on 6556340 or email


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