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So following on from Michael’s post about posture last week there are a couple of top tips I’d add (why not and there is more than 1 way to skin a cat and all that…!!)
Ballooning… (a fave cue of mine from the lovely and very bright Physio Joanne Elphinston). Think of a helium balloon attached to the crown of your head – not forehead, think of it helping to carry you along the road. Alternatively thinking about running tall, or under a shelf without bouncing up through it can all help achieve the same thing.
These ‘cues’ or prompts tend to promote a lighter running style, mid-foot strike and higher cadence. All of these can reduce ground reaction forces and therefore impact through the legs. Eh voila, better running!
If nothing else, trust me (I am a Physio and we know everything of course!!) the science is there. If you want to have a more scientific approach to running, have struggled with injuries or like the thought of making running easier (more economical) – who wouldn’t right? then join our Physi-go run class. Wednesday nights 7-8pm, a progressive running strengthening class with techniques, tips and more and you can start to love running (again!).
Our next block will start on 9th January. Message us here to book or call 656340 if you’d rather to chat to someone. Keep an eye on our FB page as we put all our offers out on there. Currently we are offering a Plymouth/Ocean City half marathon place free to anyone who signs up and pays for 3 blocks of classes.


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