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Up to Week #0 – The ‘Antenatal’ Days

So, I was a runner. Not amazing, but have a back-catalogue of half decent half and full marathon times.

Pregnancy therefore was gonna be a walk in the park….of course!!

Well, I tried to keep running whilst pregnant but after about 4 months I felt like the baby was gonna fall out and I got some discomfort so decided to give it a miss but replaced it with walking and eating a lot of carbs – mostly chips to be specific!

Despite this I didn’t put on too much weight and got complimented on the ‘you don’t look that far gone” comment. We were in the process of opening my own clinic so I was still working up to and on the day I gave birth. In hindsight, not the best move, I was knackered. Everyone warned me, but I’m stubborn and knew best, even though it isn’t what I’d advise my patients.

Like I said physios are not the best patients!

Labour wasnt what I thought it would be and retrospectively I guess it’s such a truly individual experience –  hence long labours…babies who ‘shoot out’… and the emergency c-sections.

Mine was long, I was knackered before I started, failed ventousse because she had a wonky head (probably after knocking it about on my pelvis for weeks on end) then episiotomy and forceps.

However, all was forgotten when out she eventually came out breathing, with 4 limbs and 20 digits all functioning correctly!

Oh and she was a she. I was convinced we were having a boy. So I double checked her bits to make sure. No willy, hmmmm….best we start thinking of ‘pink’ names!!


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