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So Pilates is a pretty popular exercise concept these days. It was developed about 100 years ago to rehabilitate forces personnel by a man called Joseph Pilates and became fashionable about a decade ago, being applied specifically around working on peoples ‘core’ and improving their mobility.
This is still a valid application of Josephs techniques in some respects but at that time he didin’t have access to the biomechanical knowledge that we as Physios are now aware of so there have since been many significant advances in the field.
Here at Plym Physio we have taken certain principles of Pilates and Modified Pilates, along with advanced movement control techniques and applied them to normal human movement, developing our own research-led brand of pilates-style rehabilitation.
We focus much more on the movement patterns, strength, control and mobility requirements of day to day life and apply this to our classes to address an individual’s deficiencies and needs.
For example, if you were having back pain whilst standing chopping the veg you may lack low threshold endurance in your posterior and anterior chain so just working your ‘core’ with ‘planking’ or sit ups wouldn’t address that deficiency. A runner who is getting knee pain may have a lateral pelvic or hip weakness causing a cross-over gait so not only needs to strengthen the hip but the pelvis, trunk and leg from which those muscles will pull.
This is applied to each and every individual and their own set of physical characteristics and it can become as complicated as it sounds! So if everyone is to stand a good chance of pain free, efficient movement the expert observation and reasoning skills of a Physiotherapist, along with small class sizes are critical to success.
Plym Physio has become highly successful at delivering these outcomes for our patients, so if you’re struggling with a systemic medical condition; fibromyalgia, polymyalgia or local joint issues like back pain, hip pain or if you’re an amateur athlete who has a persistent niggle then Plym Pilates can help you.
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New block of classes starts the week beginning 29th April. Beginners runs on Tuesdays 6-7pm with the first class on 30th April.


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