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Thinking ahead to running

I’m approaching 6 weeks post-fracture now and the foot is pretty good. I’m back to dog walking in the mornings across some lumpy bumpy fields. Progressive loading within pain limits is certainly working as I’m doing a lot for very little or no pain. Fitness is still pretty limited as a few sessions on the turbo has proved. What you don’t use you lose!

The goal of running is getting closer and I’m mindful of what needs to be in place before I expose the foot to that level of impact; good alignment and balance on that leg, weight bearing strength through major muscle groups, efficient patterning of those muscles and joints and ultimately impact  – force production and transfer. Sounds technical but means move at the right time with the right things in the right order!

So my latest exercises have been squat jumps without the jump, farmers walk with resistance band,  mountain climbers and a controlled dynamic lunge.

I think I may start getting a bit creative with the exercises and rehab next week. Rehab can get a bit boring and we don’t want the brain forgetting about these bits of the body and how they work so lets keep it interested! I’ll get my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with….



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