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Runners Foot?? Want a solution??

We’re putting together a series of blogs covering common running injuries or problems which people can use to gain an insight into problems they are experiencing and some top tips for resolving it.
We’re working from the bottom to the top so…..
Week 1 plantar fasciopathy or pain on the bottom of the foot. In runners it tends to be linked with a change in running – pace, strike pattern, footwear (In the sedentary population body weight is a big risk factor so looking at weight could be useful).
Aside from running being painful prolonged standing and walking can be painful.
There are a few factors that we look for when we treat people and research shows that treatment tends to reduce the time people are effected by at least 33% (from 9 months to 3-6months).
There are some great exercises you can do which can help, we’ve put 2 easy ones in videos for you to try depending on what ‘phase’ of the condition you are in.
This is just one starting point start so if you are suffering, don’t despair Plym Physio can help! The running experts at the clinic link all your assessment findings in with vital running biomechanics to tailor you a recovery programme. We have our specific running rehab/prehab class: Physi-go run, which develops all the essential mobility and strength requirements alongside technical running tips to either get you on the road or keep you on it! Contact the clinic 656340, to book a place or speak to one of the team.

So here is the second video for the more ‘chronic’, longer standing problems where pain is less of an issue and where loading the fascia (tissue in the foot) becomes more important.

As a thank you for getting this far, you are obviously a keen, motivated runner who’s up for a challenge so….. join us for a bimble around Plymouth. We’ll help you get all the way round!!


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