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Physi-go run and the ‘Running Season’ at Plym Physio!

 So, we are entering ‘running race’ season, there have been a few already but the ‘biggy’, London Marathon is this weekend. It’s an amazing event, the biggest/highest money raising charity event and where huge numbers of people decide to start from nothing to end up running 26.2 (plus a bit) miles. It also motivates another chunk of the population to get up and get going which is pretty amazing.

Being a runner myself and having completed the London Marathon four times before opening Plym Physio, my own Physiotherapy Clinic in Plympton, I can honestly say, you can’t beat that feeling of running around London with people enthusiastically shouting your name and willing you on. You forget all those niggles and injuries you may have picked up with all those miles of training when you cross that line, get your medal and meet your loved ones afterwards.

If you are thinking of entering, already running and racing, my best bit of advice is get strong. All the research points towards strength training being the best way of reducing injury. It also improves performance – get faster, go for longer. Injury is highest in the novice group (runners having been going for less than 12 months) so get strong and go on, and on and on!

Physi-go run was designed by me for all of this. The hour class is divided up into sections, one of our participants kindly demonstrated some of the exercises:

Functional mobility work – for example, split jumps and the diagonal jump touch:

Strength training specifically to address your running muscles – for example Mountain Climbers and High Knee Wall Running:

The final section is a short run applying drills and functional techniques so I can look at your running efficiency and guide you, a personal running trainer if you like!

The class ‘runs’ every wednesday evening as an 8 week course, building on everything you learn over the weeks. You can do as many courses as you feel you need. Our latest recruits have almost completed their 3rd course, and their improvement is quite simply, staggering. I am so proud that this course I designed has helped them to not only improve, but they have done it safely and quickly too! Well done!

The next course starts on Wednesday 2nd May so call, email or come in and see us to book your place!


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