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Physi-go run is GO!!!

Tomorrow evening Physi-go run starts again, and we still have a couple of places left, so for those of you who are interested but don’t know if it’s right for you… read on!!

Welcome to a unique running class called ‘Physi-go run’…



It’s led by Physios with the aim of helping runners:

  • prevent injury.
  • reduce existing injury recurrence.
  • aid recovery from injuries.
  • improve performance through better running efficiency.
It’s based on the latest research, addressing these issues in a safe supervised environment.
By increasing your running efficiency not only are you less likely to get injured you can run quicker.
We will look at:
  • strength  – to enable you to cope with the increased forces running puts on the body.
  • mobility – to ensure you have the appropriate amount of movement to put the joints and muscles in the optimal position to work.
  • control – to stabilise the joints and structures that don’t need to be moving that could be wasting energy and become exposed to overload and injury.


How does that sound? Best of all it’s taken by Physios who are keen runners themselves and like the rest of us have had their fair share of injuries and are now ready to practice what they preach!!
You don’t need to be experienced, or able to run a long distance.  We have a short running section at the end of the class to implement what you’ve learnt, but the aim here is to try out your new techniques, even if you walk it.  It is suitable for new or experienced runners.
If you are still not sure if it is right for you, call us on 01752 656340 or email us
We look forward to seeing you there!!


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