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Running Marathons… Day One

My interest in running is what prompted me to look deeper into the biomechanics and the overlap between injury and prevention of injury with Physiotherapy. This was the birth place of Physi-go Run and it may now be the ‘practice what you preach’ case study!  The class is designed to address all the strength and mobility requirements of running as well as practical running technique work such as strike patterns and cadence.  Our motto at Plym Physio is ‘Helping You Help Yourself‘ and Physi-go Run does precisely that!

Having had a few years out of competitive running – not that I was that good or fast, but I did complete a few marathons and a fair few halfs – we all headed up to watch the Plymouth Half Marathon last weekend. Really quickly the emotional buzz of running a race gripped me and that was it… I was re-hooked.

I want to compete next year and, even better, I will not be alone!

Team PP WILL be running it together.

However, having had abdominal surgery and then a baby, I haven’t regained the necessary strength yet to get back up to previous pace and distance. And as many will know, once you get out of the swing of it, life takes over, days go by in the blink of an eye and before you know it, it has been a week, a month, a year, and you’ve hardly run at all.

And that is ok… Everyone has to start (or re-start) somewhere and we all start at the same place… we all start at Day One.

So, for anyone inspired by the efforts of the runners at the weekend this could be for you. Team PP WILL be running the Plymouth Half next year and we will be using Physi-go Run to help us get there.  This weekly course starts again on Wednesday 3rd May, so get in touch and we can give you more info on whether it’s suitable for you.

Happy Running!!



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