Progress or play??

I’m at 5 weeks now and it’s progressing nicely. I’m back dog walking – perhaps not such a big deal except it involves lumpy bumpy fields so can be a bit uncomfortable. I’ve started playing around a bit! Mostly because I’m demonstrating exercises and challenges for my patients and thinking of ways to challenge them (and me now!) with their balance, strength and control. The good point about these is they aren’t dependent on taking impact through my left foot. Hopefully this will come next week – the magic 6 week mark!!

The first is a squat on a type of wobble board – it shows up differences between weight through the left and right. The goal being to try and make it even and then see if you can do it with your eyes closed.

The second is a modification of ‘running man’. Get some resistance band and stand on your ‘bad’ leg, keep your balance as you swing the other leg through – gently first as it’s a pretty tough exercise.

The last one is the soleus raise. I’ve done it with both feet on the floor as you’re putting quite a bit of pressure through the mid and forefoot and therefore I’m just being a bit careful of the fracture. Aiming to get both this and the gastrocnemius raise (the knee is straight rather than bent) left equal to right; same range and repetitions.

Check in next week for the latest tips and the plan for returning to running.


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