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Office Exercises – Core Muscles

Welcome to week 5 of Plym Physio’s Office Exercises blog. We are releasing a new exercise each week, try to do them at intervals through the day, little and often is best! Below you will find a video where Physiotherapist Nicola demonstrates how to perform this weeks exercise properly for maximum benefit.

Why is desk exercising important?
Many of us spend a majority of our day working at a desk, which brings it’s own issues in terms of physical health; stiffness, muscle aches, even stress and fatigue. By keeping moving you are stretching and using those muscles, keeping your joints supple and getting a bit of blood flowing!

Plym Physio has put together a series of exercises you can do whilst at your desk, as well as some challenges that you and your colleagues can have fun with! Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be energetic to be beneficial!

Week Five
The fifth exercise of the series; a very good little exercise to work our ‘core’. Our core muscles will aid our sitting position, if we use them! By sitting up straight in our chair, keeps our core muscles ‘switched on’, and the more we use them, the more activity we get out of them, without having to think about it!

Move yourself to the edge of your seat (yes it is that exciting!). Keep yourself tall. Step one foot out to the side, then the other. You can mix up your steps, and speed, even design yourself and your colleagues a little dance step routine! Try to keep it going for 30 seconds. You should feel your legs working, but also your tummy muscles working nicely as well.

Click on the ‘play’ button to view the video.


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That’s all this week. Keep that lower back and pelvis moving and we will see you next week where we are going to look at using your abdominals on their own at your desk!


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