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Gait Analysis

Want to improve your running? Want to be ‘less injured’?
Analysing your running style can identify patterns of movement that pre-dispose you to injury. Injury and performance are on a continuum; inefficient movement is likely to cause injury and efficient movement is likely to significantly improve running economy.

Running economy…. This is the term for least input for most output – expend less energy for the same time or get quicker for the same energy.
There is lots of research being chucked out now on running…. and ‘efficiency’ is definitely where it is at.

Not trainers, not insoles…. its how you run, how you absorb and how you create force that will determine injury and efficiency.

The treadmill and the associated software here at Plym physio in the clinic allows us to record your running style, slow it down and look at foot strike, pelvis angles, knee flexion angles, foot contact times and much, much more. All of this links in with current research on injury and how best to minimise and ideally prevent it. Or in most cases (in my experience) recover from injury as it is widely excepted that most runners start doing something about their niggles only once it is stopping them from running rather than before it starts!!

Sound familiar? If you think you would benefit from having your running style analysed we offer various packages here at the clinic.

Gait Analysis package includes your 45 minute assessment and 30 minute follow up feedback session all for £100!
Join our Physi-go run course which is £96 for 8 weeks and receive an inclusive FREE Gait Analysis.


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