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Our world is changing daily if not hourly so must businesses like ours. After the initial stress and heartbreak of what Covid-19 could mean for the population generally and the clinic specifically and wondering whether we can make it through to the ‘other side’ I’ve had a good hard think and word with myself and realised that we can still make our valuable knowledge available to our clients. As the risks are now escalating with face to face contact we’ve been doing our research here and video consultations are proven to be effective, give good patient satisfaction and supported by the medical insurers. So this is what we’ll be doing.

I know it’s going to be a bit odd initially but we’ll talk you through the whole process involved with video consultations. In some ways it could be better for a lot of patients as you won’t have to sit through the Plymouth Road works to get to us!!

We are putting all our classes ‘online’ too. To our existing clients we will send invitations to join Nic via video link – you’ll see and hear her and (unfortunately??!!) she’ll still be able to see you too so no getting out of those abdominal preps! As a massive thank you to our loyal clientele who stick with us and value the service we provide at this time we’re offering unlimited access to all the Plym Pilates classes as part of your payment booking.

In these challenging times I’m getting my head in books and putting together more classes to best serve all my clients all of which will be online and interactive so watch this space!!

I’m really hoping that my valued clients will still value what I’ve done and still want to do and will stay with me and support me and my clinic during this time. i look forward to seeing you all through the medium of technology in the coming days, weeks and possibly months.

Nic x





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