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Plym Physio ‘backing’ back care awareness week

October 7th – 11th is Back Care Awareness week and the focus this year is back pain in golf. Nic has put together a couple of exercises to get you thinking about your golf action and possibly help improve your technique. When she talks about it the links with Plym Pilates are quite apparent. Movement efficiency is key so you can utilise movements in one direction to produce movement or power in another.

She describes movement on a spectrum; one end is where we move poorly either due to limited mobility, patterning or lack of strength and the other end being super efficient mobility, control timing and strength that allows us to complete an activity in the most economic way. The former tends to be associated with injury and the latter associated with great technique and performance (and lack of injury).

If this approach resounds with you either because you are struggling with injury or pain then Plym Pilates could be for you.

In support of Back Care Awareness week and those wanting to be pro-active and address aches, pains or performance, we are offering a free Pilates assessment to those wanting to sign up to Plym Pilates between now and 29th October when beginners Plym Pilates starts.

Here are the videos with our golf exercises to get you started…





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