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Practising what we preach

As promised, for those who are interested and with time on their hands, the next instalment of ‘foot-gate’! The sexy shoe has been side-lined and replaced by a normal trainer as the pain is much better and I can walk normally without it.. My foot looks pretty much like a normal foot and it’s definitely improving. My concern is that lack of exercise is making me weaker elsewhere so when it comes to a return to running I’m going to struggle and risk injury. I want to get on top of as many aspects of ‘fitness’ as I can so the road to full recovery is less steep and complicated.

Therefore I need to be able to balance on my left leg….here’s a really good exercise for this; Heaven and Earth (JEMS*). It’s a bit harder than normal balance but a bit of a fave in Plym Pilates classes to make sure the foot and body are talking and recruiting where they should be.

To make sure I’m not losing any more calf strength then I need to here’s a 2 footed calf raise

To make sure I’m keeping my ankle mobile and leg strength up this is a Bulgarian Split Squat. Again a big of  a fave in Physi-go run as it targets multiple joints, has the hips working in different positions and is single leg loading.

Tune in for next week for the latest update and top exercise tips for the temporarily inconvenienced!



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