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Making small healthy changes to your lifestyle

This time I focussed on breathing properly.  Everyone has to breath, so with a small effort this can be made more beneficial.  Then with a small addition of a bit of movement, we then have a nice healthy way to start the day.

Start by simply sitting up straight and breathing more fully, concentrate on breathing all the way in and out.  If you feel like you are going to suffocate then just return to breathing normally.


Once you feel that you are breathing fully and deeply then try it in standing and progress to slowly bending forward to touch your toes.  The knees do not need to be locked so it does not stress your hamstrings.  Try to co-ordinate things so that as you reach your toes (or knees if you are not very bendy) you have breathed fully out then slowly breathe in as you stand upright and raise your arms overhead.  Do this three times each morning, the important thing is not to rush and dont artificially hold your breath.


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