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Week #2: First ‘Exercise Class’

Well, there is something going on at last!!………..and even more satisfying is that when I get a bit of pelvic floor action I get a bit of low level abdominal activity, yeah!

To my ‘internal Physio’ that makes real sense – The pelvic floor works in conjunction with back muscles, deep tummy muscles and diaphragm……Sooo, make sure you don’t hold your breath when trying to do it.

Now that I can feel a little abdominal ‘something’ I’ve started doing ‘low-level’ stabilising exercises.

An abdo press – Firstly I make sure my posture is ok; technically, go to neutral spine………what’s that??

Basically, think helium balloon lifting you up from the crown of your head to make you taller. We can call this ‘ballooning’.

This generally puts you in the right position and if you’re feeling your pelvic floor and low abdominals so much the better.

Then, keeping this ‘tall’ position gently press down with both down-turned palms on any surface without moving about like the Churchill dog ie. sink, changing table, worktop, pram, whatever.

Have a go, see what you feel. Next installment to come….


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