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Plymouth Half and PGR

Last year we wanted to encourage runners to take a step forwards with their running, pardon the pun. From experience most runners use their running to keep them fit rather than getting fit to run. How do we encourage runners to change their view and engage in some specific strength work to reduce the risk of injury and at the same time improve their performance? We thought we’d offer people the opportunity to sign up for 3 courses of Physi-go run (PGR) and we’d enter them into the Plymouth’s Ocean City Half Marathon and….

here they are…a bit hot but very happy. Nic and Plym Physio are more than a little bit proud, WELL DONE!

If you felt inspired at the weekend to either put a pair of trainers on and get going or that a 10k or half marathon is not an unrealistic challenge then think about Physi-go run.

The class is designed and led by a Physiotherapist. All the exercises are geared up to getting your running muscles strong for running to reduce the risk of injury. The added bonus is the stronger you are the faster you are (or easier you can cover a distance depending on which way you’d like to look at it!)

Don’t just take our word for it, our lovely PGR’ers who completed the half had this to say about the class;

“6 months ago I was inspired to try to run a half marathon. I’ve never been a runner except for joining in with the odd ‘race for life’, more walking and chatting than running. Add middle age into the picture, any small run I tried usually ended in some pain or other. Then I heard about Physi-go-run. A running group to help you run without injury sounded perfect. A group based around conditioning with a short run, even better! I learned my strides were too long, my feet were crossing over and as I adjusted these things, listened to the running drills and toned up the right muscles, running became easier and mainly pain free! Four days ago I ran the half marathon, I ran the whole thing! For me that was an achievement I wouldn’t have thought possible. I am still a reluctant runner but now 5k seems like a short distance, 10k like something I could do with a little prep to and 13 miles was a brilliant achievement that I never have to do again! Very grateful to Nic for making running an option for me!”  Vikki 48

“About 6 months ago a friend of mine came up with a ‘plan’ to learn to run! It may seem silly but we were running with poor technique and efficiency. Although we regularly worked out and were reasonably fit, we couldn’t run! The Physio-go-run sessions enabled me to become a runner! The weekly strengthening and conditioning sessions coupled with running techniques made running easier, more enjoyable and injury free. Each week we would improve our running technique and endurance and inch towards the half marathon goal. As the weeks passed by we worked our way through the training programme until race day. Without Nic and the other members of the group I would never have completed the half marathon. If you want to improve your running technique in a safe and inclusive environment then join the go-Physio-run group, everyone is welcome!”

As a little incentive to those who have got this far, if you sign up for 2 courses of PGR you will receive a 50% discount off your third block of classes. Just quote ‘half marathon offer’ when booking your place. Class size is limited to ensure our Physio can give you  the attention you need in class so book now to reserve your place. The next start date for the class is Wednesday 6th June, 7pm at Plym Physio. To book you can call, 656340, email, visit or our Facebook page Plym Physio



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