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The London Marathon and Physi-go run

Were you motivated by The London Marathon?

Who couldn’t be motivated to start running having watched it?? Obviously the record high temperatures weren’t ideal but you can guarantee the vast majority of runners ‘loved’ the experience.

The weather is getting better so it is the perfect time to get your trainers on and start running. Novice runners are particularly injury prone but as you continue running you get fitter and stronger so you may avoid injury (incidence rate is about 80% in new runners). Your best chance of avoiding injury according to the research is to get stronger and that is the objective of Physi-go run.

Physi-go run is held weekly at our Plym Physio Physiotherapy Clinic in Plympton. We have a bespoke mirrored gym area suitable for approximately 8 people where the majority of the training takes place. You will be put through your paces following a trained Physiotherapist demonstrating exercises looking at functional mobility, strength, patterning, endurance and power. Then you will go out and hit the roads completing drills and technique work during your group run.

In our previous blog post one of our participants demonstrated some of the exercises you will do. We have more videos below to demonstrate what the class is like, and some more of the exercises you will undertake:

Spider Plank: Here’s a great variation on the standard plank, it recruits even more of the core muscles than the traditional plank, working your ’stabilising muscles’ from your shoulders, abdomen and hips:


Single Leg Dead Lift: Works on your posterior chain (the muscles on the back of your body – your ‘power house’) strength as well as single leg loading. Your posterior chain is critical for running, and strengthening these will help you get faster. Single leg loading exercises mimic your running action albeit in a slower and controlled manner with active hip extension and flexion.


Squat Jumps: A plyometric exercise. Essential for running, plyometrics are exercises that cause your muscles to exert maximum force in a short amount of time and will improve your running efficiency.


Our next course starts on Wednesday 2nd May at 7pm. You can book your place using our contact page, PM us on our Facebook page, or even pop into the clinic and see us!

Happy Running!


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