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The achilles heel of runners (literally)….need help??

We’re putting together a series of blogs covering common running injuries or problems which people can use to gain an insight into problems they are experiencing and some top tips for resolving it.
We’re working from the bottom to the top so…..
Our next instalment moves up the body to the heel, the achilles to be precise and achilles tendinopathy.

This is again a common site of injury for the running population. The general theme for running injuries is the overuse type and the achilles is particularly susceptible as it can be loaded up to 11 times body weight when running. The faster you go the greater the loading.

One solution is to simply get it stronger. So you should be able to do 30+ calf raises on each leg reasonably easily. Our first video is Nic completing her calf raises (she has a history of achilles tendinopathy so may be sympathetic to your plight if you see her!)

VIDEO 1 – Calf Raises

This is a base level marker for us so if you are struggling with this you have some work to! If you can do it then there are many more increasingly difficult levels you should be able to complete to demonstrate good functional strength for running.

For part 2 of the Achilles blog we will look at Soleus, the ‘other’ calf muscle. It’s very active during running and almost always overlooked even though it is the other part of the achilles tendon. Here’s our next video which demonstrates away of strengthening it up. Enjoy this bad boy!! 

VIDEO 2 – Soleus Squat

As ever, Plym Physio has our running experts on hand to assess thoroughly and establish any inefficiencies you may have and produce rehab programmes to address these.

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