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New Year New You?

We are well and truly in 2020 and January seems to be going on forever! How are the resolutions going??

I have been keeping to mine which was simply to ‘do a bit more’. I’ve swapped one of the morning dog walks for a run which is actually not as bad as I was expecting/dreading. I’ve realised how much my strength and fitness has dropped off over Christmas so even more reason to get Physi-go run started. So if you want that bit of help with running strength and technique come and join us. We start tonight, Wednesday 22nd @ 8pm here at the clinic.

We’ve treated quite a few runners over the last couple of years and now we have the treadmill it is much easier to pick up on biomechanical faults. It’s quite interesting (and reasssuring) that what we look at on the analysis is linking up with research findings and what we do in our Physi-go run class addresses them…..



Basically, if you land on your leg and your hip sinks out to the side there is a high probability you’ll get injured. Don’t worry though, strengthen up your hip muscles and all can be well with the world again!! Look at your lunge and see where your hip goes, keep it tucked under as you lower yourself down. If you can do that try it with a lunge that starts and finishes in an upright stand position. Just a starting point but not a bad one…




This shows that (marathon) running is not bad for you or for your knees. Again, strengthening your legs up makes running easier and less likely to get injured. Being as strong on your left as your right is also important so we need to balance ourselves out and have less of a favourite leg!




SOOO, strengthening works, shoes don’t make that much difference so change your body’s capacity not your footwear and if you fancy a nice, sort of relaxed strength class with a technique based short run then join us for Physi-go run starting Wednesday 22nd @ 7pm. Don’t forget we have our Gait Analysis service which includes your assessment and follow up session to plan any rehab needs and technical alterations. Call 656340 or email to book in.




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