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Core Stability: Myth or an abused term?

So… core stability. I have to say I really don’t like the phrase because what does it actually mean?

It’s a term that is used a lot and for a variety of things. The fitness industry use it and often they are referring to core strength and probably abdominal bracing. Physios use the term and are usually referring to structural and individual vertebral stability, i.e. the amount of movement between one vertebra and its neighbour.

Both philosophies are relevant and important but achieve different things.

Core strength and ultimately bracing does increase power output i.e. brace and you can lift more weight essentially.

BUT… not everything needs power and therefore bracing. Just standing up for example. Core strength or lack of, can’t really explain pain whilst standing in a queue or at a bar. If you brace and probably breath hold you’d quickly well, die!! And there is research that says that doing so isn’t necessarily linked with reduction of back pain.

So where does it leave us? We probably need a balance. Isn’t that life though?? A bit of low level support from the right muscles and strength from others at the right time. Again, appropriate muscle activity, timing and patterning for the requirements of the individual is what is needed and no two people are the same. So we try to relate functional requirements – sitting all day, housework, gardening, running, weight training to whether the person has the ability/capacity to do those activities with what they have. If they don’t they may be able to compensate efficiently and are fine or if not they may well have pain.

Food for thought if you are still awake after reading this!! Sleep well and move well people!


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